Kerneels (read: k-erniyiylz), means powerful.
From the name, we aspire to help our brand partner to be stand out and powerful among other brands.
Kerneels come as a creative partner who helps create brand image and optimize brand performance especially in digital media.

Digital Campaign

The easiness to mapping certain audience, make digital campaign is one of the effective and efficient way to build brand awareness. 

We will help to research your target audience’s behavior, formulate the strategy, compose the message and determine the right channels.

Social Media Content Creation

Social media is one of the important channel to engage with your audience and build positive awareness to your brand.

We will help you to create attractive visual, engaging copywriting, and arrange the message/visual concept of your social media channel. 

Social Media Maintenance

Attractive visual and engaging copy writing will attract audience and build positive awareness to your brand.

We will help you to maintain and monitoring the activity of your social media channel to give a huge impact for your brand awareness.

Website Design and Development

Not just development the website, we provide you with fine-looking user interface design and user friendly experience website.

Brand website, landing page, campaign website, webstore, you name it.

Video Interactive Design and Development

Share information in a fun way through video interactive. You can share your company profile, product or service information, or anything else.

Mobile Apps Design and Development

Android or iOs, we will help you to develop your mobile apps with fine-looking design interface and user friendly experience.